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Simple, intuitive operation for optimum efficiency

The unbeatable driving experience for applications with engine speed control.

Precision, dynamics and reliability. These typical LinDrive® advantages feature in all our propel drive concepts. Linde Hydraulics has specially developed the HPV-02 CA for use in various applications like telehandlers, wheel loaders or dumpers. It enables engine-speed-dependent driving that is exactly coordinated with the pressure requirements of the driving status and the installed engine power.

In terms of functional quality, comfort and safety the HPV-02 CA is at the level of electro-hydraulic actuation. Precise power control settings enable full utilisation of the available power. The torque control and performance limiter can be variably defined. In this way, the HPV-02 CA ensures individual driving characteristics adjusted to your requirements.

Product advantages


Simple, intuitive operation for optimum efficiency

Continuously variable selection of driving and operating speed via the accelerator pedal through the integrated charge pump for hydrostatic speed sensing

  • temperature independent
  • pressure compensated
  • performance optimised
  • low noise level

The same driving signal always triggers the same machine reaction through position

  • feed-back control
  • independent of traction forces and loads
  • reproducible
  • foreseeable
  • precise
  • low in hysteresis


Dynamic acceleration, braking and reversing for enhanced handling performance

Fast, powerful machine reaction and optimum traction at the wheel through high, load-independent actuating forces (system pressure)

  • maximum actuation torque
  • prompt swashing of pump

Hydrostatic braking through maximum swashing torque

  • load independent
  • pump control not influenced by braking pressure

Optimum reversing through co-ordinated swashing behaviour of pump and hydraulic motor:

  • gentle transition from braking to acceleration
  • braking phase can be defined for each application


Optimum safety for operator and his environment together with high operational availability and a long service life.

  • high safety standard for defined starting and stopping, through reliable neutral pump position at low idle, through activation and deactivation of the control signal at a defined diesel speed
  • exact control at any point of operation through high setting forces in the pump control
  • high availability and long service life through proven design features and robust quality of the Series 02
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