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Power Range 40 - 300 kW


  • simple, mechanically unsynchronized gearboxes
  • little installation space
  • high transmission efficiency
  • high overall efficiency


  • HPV-02 variable displacement pump
  • MV-02 variable motor
  • electro-hydraulic control of the hydrostatic units
  • electro-hydraulic actuator at the gearbox
  • Linde electronic control unit

Linde combines the comfort of CVT drives with the compact dimensions of machines featuring manual transmissions that can be shifted at standstill, at prices below those of powershift transmissions. "Shift in Motion" enables shifting procedures in a moving machine, equipped with a manual transmission that is intended to be shifted at standstill by electro-hydraulically synchronising the drivetrain. "Shift in Motion" is particularly suitable for vehicles that often change between transport and operation, i.e. vehicles that require both high tractive effort and a high top speed above 25 kilometres per hour.

The shifting procedure is load-free thanks to electro-hydraulically synchronised gears and the ability to adjust the drive component’s speed and torque. Thus there is no need for multi-disc clutches and mechanical synchronisation using synchronizer rings and moreover there’s less pinion engagement. This makes the shifting procedures wear-free and also increases the transmission’s efficiency.

"Shift in Motion" is used with a manual transmission that can be shifted at standstill and that features a selectable neutral position. Having Linde drive components and control units already installed, it may only be necessary to adjust the control software in order for "Shift in Motion" to function. Thanks to a CAN bus connection, the Linde ECU can also be used in conjunction with the customer's controllers for the rest of the overall vehicle. It then only takes care of the synchronisation and gear shifting itself.

The shifting procedure can be triggered on demand by the driver or automatically, based on the customer-specific acceptance criteria for the respective vehicle and situation. The drivetrain is brought to no load by adjusting the pump and motor, and the transmission is disengaged into the neutral position. The hydraulic transmission is then adjusted to the new ratio of the selected gear. Finally, the required gear is selected and the normal drive programme continues.

The whole process only takes about half a second. The quick and easy gear changes mean that it is worth configuring the transport gear to a higher top speed than the target speed. Doing so enables the actual maximum speed of the vehicle to be achieved using a lower speed of the hydrostats and diesel. Operating the drive components in more favourable operating points (overdrive) lowers both fuel consumption and noise emissions.


Power Range
40 - 300 kW

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