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Your benefit


  • maximum utilization of installed power
  • reliable operating time


  • safe system conditions in all operating modes

How important is the installation?

Basis for system optimization regarding:

  • noise
  • fuel consumption
  • vibrations
  • inspection of system installations: filter, pipework, hoses, cooler
  • possibly corrections or recommendation
  • mounting and calibration of measuring instruments

Which requirements must be fulfilled?

Measuring of typical operating modes via telemetry or directly in the cabin:

  • start
  • acceleration
  • deceleration
  • stop
  • driving in working and transport gear
  • driving up- and downhill

What has to be measured?

  • casing pressure, charge pressure, high pressure
  • rotating speed of pump, hydraulic motor, diesel engine
  • oil flow
  • purge and case flushing
  • temperature behaviour
  • electrical currents
  • noise
  • vibrations
  • definition of oil purity level

On-site analysis of measurements

Optimization of the hydraulic system and interfaces with regard to:

  • efficiency
  • safety
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