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Series 02 motors from Linde Hydraulics are different from those common in the market.

They offer PTO through drive capability due to their special design. This means that they can provide torque at two shaft ends and can thus be integrated directly into the drivetrain. This saves a dropbox and thus installation space and costs.

As all Linde motors they are able to provide the required torque even at low speeds and make it possible to start smoothly and sensitively.Therefore, additional gear ratios for rpm reduction are not necessary. This reduces the amout of parts going into the component and also increasesthe overall mechanical efficiency, minimizes windage losses as well as the noize level of the machine.

Product advantages

  • two shaft-ends
  • drop-box eliminated
  • smaller cooler
  • simplified drive line design (components, part numbers)
  • fits directly into the drive line
  • no interruption of tractive effort, stepless driving
  • increased tractive effort / direct drive
  • improved transmission efficiency
  • lower overall cost
  • less fuel consumption
  • reduced noise emissions
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